Seal Beach PONY Baseball is the anchor that holds our community together. We are a non-profit youth baseball league who strives for excellence through hard work and determination. The league offers boys and girls, ages 3 - 12 to be part of something truly meaningful through the game of baseball. We are here to make lasting childhood memories, life lessons, and most of all a really fun time! We serve our Seal Beach locals as well as our great neighboring cities of Los Alamitos, Long Beach, Rossmoor and Westminster. We are the purveyors of athleticism, the curators of talent, the agents of confidence. WE ARE SEAL BEACH.


Seal Beach PONY Baseball seeks to:

  1. Expand its youth baseball program to young people throughout Seal Beach, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach.
  2. Continue to seek corporate and organizational partnerships to expedite and enhance the work of the corporation.
  3. Seek ways to subsidize the cost of tournament travel for participating teams and World Series hosts.
  4. Provide additional materials to member leagues to assist them in providing an improved baseball experience for the young people of their community.
  5. Provide increased funding for Zone operating expenses.
  6. Plan and develop a new headquarters facility.
  7. Expand the display of historical materials and equipment at the headquarters.
  8. Expand the headquarters display of state-of-the-art equipment available to leagues.
  9. Continue to seek ways and means of providing continuing education and training for staff, Field Directors, league officers and managers and coaches to enable PONY to provide an ever more effective program.
  10. Cooperate with Major League Baseball, Baseball USA and other groups interested in the continued development and expansion of the game of baseball and softball.
  11. Seek partnerships with other organizations that may enable PONY to more effectively carry out or expand its mission.
  12. Find ways to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of individuals, groups and organizations whose efforts, at any level, have been an asset to the PONY organization in its work to help young people develop into healthier and happier adults.


  1. As a non-profit organization dealing with youth, PONY Baseball, Inc. (a.k.a. PONY Baseball and Softball), shall be non-discriminatory in its hiring practices and the general conduct of Corporate business.
  2. The Corporation cannot tolerate physical, mental or sexual harassment by staff, Field Directors or Local League officials representing PONY Baseball and Softball.
  3. Conflict of interest on the part of any employee, member of the Board of Directors, Field Directors or Local League officials is to be disclosed. Such persons shall avoid voting on an item related to their conflict of interest and shall, if requested by the President, absent themselves from the meeting until discussion and subsequent voting on such subject has been completed.
  4. Employees of the Corporation, members of the Board of Directors, Field Directors and Local League officials are expressly forbidden to use their position and authority in PONY to require or unduly pressure leagues to purchase and/or use products, (such as baseballs, trophies, concession supplies), or services (such as umpires, ground care, fund raising), which provide profit to that individual as an individual, or part of a specific group of individuals.
  • Address P.O. Box 990 Seal Beach, CA 90740 // Seal Beach Kids Baseball Association
    DBA Seal Beach PONY Baseball and Softball // Tax ID 51-0146327